• Students Win Prize in the China Interpretation Contest

    Students Win Prize in the China Interpretation ContestOn December 1st, the first China Interpretation Contest is held in Xihua University. Ma Na, a student from the School of Foreign Languages of LNU takes part in the contest and wins the Interpretation Style Awards after fierce competitions. Correspondent:周长悦

  • LNU Gets Awards

    LNU Gets Awards On December 10th, the fourth conference of Sichuan Association of University-Run Industries (SAUI) is held in Sichuan Radio and TV University.The asset management company of LNU wins the second prize of advanced collective , and 4 representatives from LNU win the title of advanced worker .?/info/1005/59586.htm?Correspondent:张美洁?

  • Students Win the First Prize

    Students Win the First Prize?On November 9th, the Third Sichuan University Environmental Protection Science Popularization Creative Competition is held in China West Normal University (CWNU) by Sichuan Environmental Science Society and CWNU. There are 8 first prizes for video works in the whole province, LNU wins 6, and 1 first prize for picture works. Meanwhile, LNU wins a number of second an...

  • Student Wins the First Prize

    Student Wins the First PrizeFrom October 26th to 27th, the Education Department of Sichuan Province organizes 2019 Sichuan Normal Students Teaching Ability Competition at Sichuan Normal University. Fu Yu, from the excellent normal class of the School of Foreign Languages, wins the first prize of senior English group. The excellent normal class is an event of English Teacher Training Plan for Ju...

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